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What it all really means.



Simple to the eye but complicated.
The Dove - symbolising peace and power to stand out, with the capabilities of being able to provide in more than one aspect. 
The Dice - We're not in control of what numbers we roll but we control the outcome, make the best of what you have and move accordingly.

Clock - The basis of Aiyekan, time, one life time to do it right and successfully. But it's endless; so keep trying.
Cards - make the best moves with the opportunities in hand. Think 3 moves ahead!
Space theme - curiosity, the mind being able to envision greater than whats visible.

Don't waste your time, run after that dream.

Dedicated desgin .jpeg

The Unique
Cards - Ace, the highest ranking suit with the capabilities to dictate the next move.
Wolf - Independent, taking care of your own and working on projects. 
Flowers - fiery, passion, love. Fragile but still stands out and holds prominence. 
Banners - Aiyekan motto, 1 Life 1 Chance.

Stay true to yourself, stay dedicated. 

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